For those interested in positive training and learning more about basic canine behavior:

  • The Other End of the Leash, Patricia McConnell
  • For the Love of a Dog, Patricia McConnell
  • Don’t Shoot the Dog, Karen Pryor
  • The Power of Positive Dog Training, Pat Miller

Resources for parents:

  • Living with Kids and Dogs...Without Losing You Mind: A Parent’s Guide to Controlling the Chaos, Colleen Pelar

Resources for new puppy owners:

  • The Puppy Primer, Patricia McConnell
  • Before and After Getting Your Puppy, Dr. Ian Dunbar

Resources for fostering/adopting a dog:

  • Love Has No Age Limit, Patricia McConnell
  • How to Foster Dogs, Pat Miller

Resources for fun activities for you and your dog:

  • 101 Dog Tricks, Kyra Sundance
  • Play with Your Dog, Pat Miller

AVSAB Position Statements:

Dominance Position Statement

This statement has been developed for the purpose of clarifying how AVSAB views the theory of dominance relationships between animals. We also hope that it helps to dispel some myths that have recently become more prevalent among some who work in this field.

Punishment Position Statement

This statement focuses on the use of punishment in the training of animals and the learning theories that exist which put the use of punishment into proper perspective.

Puppy Socialization Position Statement

This statement hopes to increase awareness of the need for socialization in puppies and raise the issue of how vaccination protocols affect the socialization process in puppy classes.

How to Choose a Trainer Handout

This handout goes over guidelines for choosing a dog trainer so you and your dog can have a great experience.