Where did the name Lewis and Clark Canine Coaching originate?

Jamie Eaton, the owner of Lewis and Clark Canine Coaching, wanted to pay homage to both the Kansas City area and Jamie’s beloved Newfoundland dog Uka. Meriwether Lewis purchased a Newfoundland named Seaman prior to the start of the famed Lewis and Clark expedition. According to Lewis’s journals, Seaman is often praised for his “sagacity.”

Lewis, Clark, and Seaman are memorialized in a statue at Clark’s Point at Case Park in downtown Kansas City, MO. When Lewis and Clark stopped at what is now Case Park on September 15, 1806, they found a sweeping view of the Missouri River Valley, which they noted would be an ideal location for a fort. For more on Seaman’s history, go to http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/inside/seaman.html. And so, Lewis and Clark Canine Coaching was born!

A Kansas native, Jamie Eaton founded Lewis and Clark Canine Coaching after moving back to Midwest in 2014. Prior to that time, she lived and worked in the Washington DC area for 16 years.

Before Jamie was drawn to field of dog training, she spent a decade in the national security field. Looking for a change, she chose a career in dog training after her rescue dog Bryn became highly reactive. As many of you know, it's not easy having a reactive dog in an urban environment, and she became inspired to do everything she could to make Bryn's life as stress-free as possible. As a result, she began studying with the Animal Behavior College in 2009 and then completed an apprenticeship with a local trainer. Jamie lost her Bryn in August 2010 to a rare immunological disorder, but she continues to inspire her on a daily basis. Jamie has been certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers as a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA). She has also studied with renown positive trainer Pat Miller at her Peaceable Paws Academy and is a graduate of her Level 1 Canine Behavior and Training Intern Academy. She has an interest in TTouch and is working toward her certification. In her previous position as a trainer in the Washington DC area, she was featured in a Washington Post article behavior training as well as a live web chat. In her free time, Jamie enjoys spending time with her rescue dog Uka, a Landseer Newfoundland, who is a certified therapy dog.