Lewis and Clark Canine Coaching will help you navigate your dog training journey with in-home private training and behavior consultations for dog owners. Our company is based in the Brookside-Waldo neighborhood and services the greater Kansas City area.

A Kansas native, Jamie Eaton founded Lewis and Clark Canine Coaching after returning to the Midwest in 2014.

Our methodology is based on basic principles of animal learning and behavior science. We use positive reinforcement, not old-fashioned force-based methods. Our techniques are pet and people-friendly – focusing on practical and effective training solutions that work for you and your unique circumstances. We also focus on relationship development so that you and your pet are both devoted to making each other happy.

Lewis and Clark is excited to announce our new online coaching sessions. Utilizing technology such as Skype and Zoom, we will be able to serve even more clients, both in and out of the Kansas City area. Remote training will be a more versatile option with training sessions being provided in 30 minute modules. Want to get everything done in one hour? Great! If you would rather break that hour into 2 30 minute sessions over the course of the week, that is fantastic!

Private In-Home Training

  • Effective dog training solutions
  • Professional, certified trainer who really cares
  • Training personalized to your goals and lifestyle
  • Only humane, force-free methods

Behavior Consultations

  • Addresses reactivity to other dogs, people, or noises, fearfulness or extreme shyness, and resource guarding
  • Implementation of management plan
  • Introduce behavior modification protocols
  • Specializing in separation anxiety cases

Day Training

  • Puppy parents who can't stay home all day (we can help socialize your puppy, take him/her out to potty, and train).
  • Anybody short on time who wants to get rid of jumping up, leash pulling, etc.
  • You!